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“Bob volunteered to join me in the courts for my divorce hearing. Had he not been there, I probably would have ended up agreeing to the offer my ex-husband and his team of three solicitors were proposing, even though it would not have been in my best interest. His legal team sent mine that same proposal three times that day and Bob rejected the proposal each time. In the end, my ex-husband accepted the offer that Bob had put together for me. It meant so much to me to have an expert in my corner.”


“My siblings and I were in total disarray having just heard about our widowed father’s terminal diagnosis. When the news sank in somewhat, Dad found a new source of worry. His estate. Two of my siblings don’t get on at all and it was not clear cut how we would deal with the farm and his other assets. Time was running out to make a will before he became too ill. Dad, myself and one of my brothers went to see Bob and he helped us so much. He asked really great questions and it was a huge relief to discuss things openly. We had another meeting and the estranged brothers both attended. We talked honestly about what was important to us and Dad was able to make a will that he knew wouldn’t be contentious.”


“We had invested in a property and we were seeking counsel on what to do. It was a millstone round our necks but we also felt we shouldn’t sell because bricks and mortar is such a sound investment. 2.5 hours into a conversation with Bob and the sums he did showed us exactly what our investment was costing us each month. Selling the property was actually the most sound financial decision for us but it was only by sitting down with Bob that that became obvious.”


"I was leaving my job and had a package to resolve. I was referred to Bob. Bob got me 37% more severance - and a new client to boot." 


“When my husband passed away, Bob gave me really good advice. He consolidated four pensions into one and advised me not to draw down my own pension as I don’t need to yet, which is saving me tax. More than that he has helped me make my will and make decisions about what to do with my husband’s inheritance. With his help I saw that I will be financially comfortable for the rest of my life and can afford to help a cause I feel very strongly about, which has given me a something to focus on now that my husband is gone.”


“I had no idea that the degree of worry I had about my finances was directly proportional to the friction taking place in my business. Bob's Wealth By Design programme saw me sketch out an achievable wealth vision that gave me back my focus. I can now concentrate on making it happen because I have a plan and I’ve seen my stress levels plummet.”

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