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The Anxiety Ratio

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I’m 10 years in business on 21st December, 2020. Pre-Covid, I had anticipated a celebration

of sorts to mark the milestone, but alas that has gone out the window. Reflecting on the

years gone by, I have discovered that the manner in which you run your business directly

affects your personal life, and vice versa. One is not independent of the other. Let me

explain my rationale.

A sick child that keeps her parents up at night will impact on their concentration levels the

next day. If this goes on for a few nights, weeks, or months, the inability to concentrate will

magnify into something bigger – sick days, loss of mojo, cat fights at home, perhaps

something more significant. Small things can become big things if left unchecked.

If we apply the same logic to other areas of your life, we need to understand the wider

impact. Your finances are a constant source of agitation if they are poorly structured and

arranged. We engaged with them on a daily basis, from small transactions of the morning

take-away coffee, to paying down debt, to funding for our lifestyles in the future. The long

finger often gets longer as time goes by, and all you have accumulated in the interim is a

bigger problem, while moving further away from your anticipated goals.

Something missing here.

It’s worth remembering that your degree of anxiety is directly proportional to the friction in

your business. It’s costing you a higher income right now, it’s impacting on your current

lifestyle and denying you a comfortable retirement.

The good news is that you can easily rectify this. By working with me (I’m Bob Quinn), I can

guide you on how to arrange your finances using my proven W.I.S.D.O.M for Wealth

Building methodology.

Schedule your 30 minute Synergy Session with me today.

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