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Your Probability of Stability

Making a transition in life whether from work to retirement, stepping away from the

corporate world, or simply reducing your workload can create a degree of anxiety and

uncertainty. Planning for life’s what ifs is not only a smart thing to do, but provides you

with a level of security at the point of making a life changing decision.

But good intentions are often left unfulfilled. What’s holding us back? Many of us shy away

from making the leap because of fear of the unknown. Life’s unknowns are always easier to

navigate when we have considered some of the potential pitfalls. The mantra is very much

plan for the worst and hope for the best! If you can live with the worst case scenario, you

can live with every scenario.

The methodology created by The Money Advisers allows you to make big bold decisions in

life that enables you to reach your potential. The big question is can you continue to make

an income while making an impact? We work together to ensure you get there by providing

clarity on the following:

 What income do you require as you make the transition?

 If you need to use some of your resources, what is the smartest thing to do?

 Can you maintain your family’s standard of living in the transition period?

 By making these changes, who is going to be most affected, and how will it impact


 Where does that leave you in the future?

 Is the short term pain worth the long term gain?

Just imagine the adventure you get to pursue if you can take that bold leap, how different

life may be? If you have been putting this off for a month, one year or 10, then maybe now

is the time to finally make that change.

Remember, your probability of stability is determined by you and the actions you take

today. We don’t expect you to work alone though.

By working with me (I’m Bob Quinn), I will guide you in making sensible and sound financial decisions that will allow you to pursue your life’s goals.

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